Rear Suspension and Disc brake upgrades

If you drive your S1 or S2 with performance in mind, it may come as no mystery to you, that the early Esprits did not have an upper link for the rear suspension. We've solved that issue by building upon the hub carrier to support an upper link. Then modify the chassis for the new configuration and components. We finally introduce an adjustable link, allowing you to dial in the camber you want for your rear suspension. This is an excellent value for moving your early Esprit into the next level of handling, without a complex redesign of the suspension system.

It goes without saying, if you drive your Esprit harder, then you'll want to stop harder as well. Like our other brake upgrades, we offer Wilwood disc and caliper upgrades for the early Esprit. Also like our Power Booster brake upgrade, these are sold as a kit if you wish to install it yourself.
If you look at the pictures below, you'll see the various upgrades mentioned, mounted to both the front and rear of an Esprit.

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We offer many ways to improve the safety and reliability of early Esprits.

This first example is our Power Brake system. Our brake upgrade removes the old (and underpowered) Vacuum booster system and replace it with a high pressure hydraulic brake booster. Not only does this firm up the feel of the brake pedal to modern standards, it also eliminates a point of failure. This Power booster, should there be a motor or component malfunction, the reserve pressure inside it will continue to function. Preventing any sharp loss of performance in an emergency.

In contrast, a Vacuum booster relies on a running motor to assist the driver in times of braking. With loss of motor power, or vacuum, braking becomes solely the effort of the human driver. A dangerous situation, when the driver is least expecting it.

This product can be sold as a kit, if you wish to install it yourself. We highly recommend this upgrade, as the parts for Vacuum boosters are becoming increasingly rare.