Custom Interiors made here, for you.

Interior Upholstery made by Lotus PBC

We don't rest on our mechanical and engineering skills alone. We continuously strive to provide the most services tailored specifically for Lotus cars anywhere. To that end, it should come as no surprise that we have leatherworks, and interior design options available.
Our service always starts with removing any previous material, to give us a clean fresh surface. Then we build up with new foam and padding, adding in any changes you want for your interior. Once the pieces of leather are cut--using templates made from years of upholstery work--we move onto sewing. Few know that all of the upholstery's cutting and sewing is still being done by Claudius himself.

As you follow the images below, there is no question that our Lotus interiors are unmatched in quality and perfection. Craftsmanship you would want to see on your own custom interiors.

Perhaps a Traditionalist? Believing your Lotus is at its best with original-style gauges. Comforted by dials you have always seen as long as you have owned your Lotus.

Story of the Binnacle

Instrument clusters in a Lotus vary in style. So much so, they have their own stories. The way you customize your cluster tells everyone about what you want, and how you drive.

Are you a performance purist? Simple, lightweight, favoring quick disconnects and perfect wiring.

Maybe a person of refined tastes? You want it all, the technology, the rich details, and do so in comfort and style.

Whatever your personality and style, we are here at Lotus PBC to make your Lotus, YOURS.

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