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Lotus Prepared By Claudius


Updated with new images as we fill out request for custom interior work and instrument clusters.


We recently replenished our stock of Carbon Fiber splitters. So keep your Lotus looking fresh and modern,
​by replacing your factory splitter.


A082F0767K Sound familiar? We were looking for this part and surprised to find out that it was completely out of stock. In Lotus PBC fashion, we made a similarly working part that fits like the original. If you are looking for something like this, we can make one for you too.

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Independently owned and operated since 1971, we have been devoted to the Lotus brand. In Southern California, and perhaps the whole Western United States, you will not find another facility with as much intimate knowledge of Lotus vehicles ​as you will here at Lotus PBC.

While this site showcases our more routine works, we are actively restoring Elans, Esprits S1 & S2, and an Elite. We have worked with the community of Lotus followers for many years, and hope to do so for years to come.

Do not hesitate to contact us about services we can do for your Lotus. We have shipped our products worldwide and, on occasion, shipped our staff too.


The beginning of this year had us overflowing with engine rebuilds. We wanted to share with you this rare and wonderful collection of engines waiting for a fresh (re)start.