Elans and Europas

We can repair and restore your Elan or Europa.

Race, Restoration, or daily-driving, whatever you use your early Lotus for, we have had a long history of making them work for you.

The start of an Elan restoration:
First remove all parts, sorting them between what can be saved, and what needs to be replaced, stripping chassis for powder coating, and cleaning parts before plating.

Ken continues on his sanding, and repairing the Elan's fiberglass body. All the while we check fitups of new components and plan out projects for the remainder of the year.

Brake calipers after cleaning and plating, ready for installation. Looks great and it has a more practical purpose of extending the life of components that are hard, or with luck, impossible to come by.

Here we are cleaning the under side of the Lotus Elan body. Also some Lotus calisthenics.

As soon as the Elan arrived from the paint shop, we mounted the body to the frame. Taking every measure to protect the new, beautiful paint job. The fit-up looks great so far!

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Lotus Elan chassis after a much needed frame straightening, chassis reinforcement and powder coating.