If you are an older Turbo Esprit owner, or perhaps your current charge cooler configuration is inadequate, we offer chargecooler kits for upgrading or replacement. With our kits you get the best fitting chargecooler for the Turbo Esprit, compared to aftermarket kits at are "one-size fits all". This leaves you with the bulk of the work to figure out mounting brackets, positioning of the system, wiring and hosing. We've already done that work for you in our kits, making installation very straight forward, and more instantly gratifying.

Included in our kits:

  • Chargecooler *Design of the charge cooler may be different from pictures, depending on available intercooler components
  • Stainless steel header tank
  • Hoses for the new equipment
  • Independent radiator for the chargecooler
  • Coolant pump sized (gpm) specifically for the charge cooler system
  • All necessary fittings and brackets for this system included

Charge Coolers for Turbo Esprits

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