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Our Lotus V8 Chargecooler kit is as complete as they come. We chose an intercooler arrangement that maximizes the surface area used for cooling, while keeping the size of the Chargecooler minimal. We also laid out the charge cooler to optimize airflow over the intercooler surfaces. Giving you maximum cooling, and less boost lost, while doing so. Built in-house here at Lotus PBC, and utilizing Turbonetics intercooler cores, it is a well designed performance upgrade for your Esprit V8. 

Our kit comes with the following for complete assembly:

  • Two custom Esprit V8 Chargecoolers (using Turbonetic intercoolers)
  • Two HKS BOVs (HKS SQV series)
  • Stainless Steel header tank
  • Stainless braided lines and other appropriate hoses
  • Chargecooler radiator
  • Chargecooler electric coolant pump
  • New fiberglass trunk (used to give your Lotus a "from factory" look)
  • Fittings and brackets to complete the installation of the kit

Boost Gauge for A Pillar

You'll be happy to know that we have modified the A Pillar of several Esprit V8 to hold extra instrumentation. Usually its been requested to hold a Boost gauge, but we can customize it to your request. The example below, also had LEDs that lit up as boost developed. Making it easier to focus on the road, and not stare at the gauge.