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Updated Radiator with four Spal fans

Many of the S1 & S2 Esprit were built with open roads envisioned. Fast forward several decades, and add several million other vehicles, those roads aren't so open anymore. With more stops and starts, or just plain bumper-to-bumper traffic the cooling system of the early Esprits can be overwhelmed.

Our customers usually come in to have their radiator rebuilt, and are quick to accept this upgrade. We make new fan mountings, and change the fans to high CFM Spal fans. Highly recommended package for our Southern California drivers.

Redesigned Bumpers, and our other modifications

We were never fans of the original bumpers on the Esprits, so we took it upon ourselves to tighten up the look. As you can see below, we redesigned the bumper to have a leaner and more compact style. Also upping the durability of the bumpers, we avoided the plastic/ABS material, and used fiberglass. This was a win-win situation for our drivers that needed a new bumper, but also never liked the bulk of the originals. We also offer fiberglass versions of the stock bumpers as well, if you want the look of a stock replacement.

Also showcased are other body modifications to the S1 & S2 Esprit that we have done. On occasion we've turned replacements into updates, such as removing the electric motors to the headlamp pods, and installing linear actuators--this made the front trunk space cleaner, while making the headlights open with more accuracy and reliability.